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    Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Smokeless tobacco products consist of tobacco or a tobacco blend that is chewed or sucked on rather than smoked. It is placed inside the mouth in one of these forms:  

Snuff - a pinch of ground-up moist tobacco usually placed between the bottom lip and gum. This is also referred to as "dipping".

Chew - shredded tobacco leaves placed between the cheek and gum. This is also referred to as "a wad".

  Chewing tobacco imageSnuff tobacco

Plug - shredded tobacco leaves which are pressed into a hard block and placed between the cheek and gum.

When using these products, a person needs to spit out ‘tobacco juice' frequently. People who dip or chew spread their germs when they spit. This increases the risk of passing an infection to others.

Snus (pronounced snoos) is a newer smokeless, spitless tobacco product. It comes in a small pouch that you place between your lip and gum. It is left there for about a half-hour without the need to spit, then discarded.


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Tobacco use poses serious risks to your health, and those around you.

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