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        Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Primary health care is the day-to-day care needed to protect, maintain or restore our health. For most people, it is both their first point of contact with the health care system and their most frequently used health service. Visiting a family physician, discussing a prescription with a pharmacist, or speaking with a registered nurse via HealthLine are all examples of how Saskatchewan residents access primary health care every day. In fact, these types of exchanges account for 80 per cent of all interactions in our health care system, making the delivery of effective primary health care services critical to the success of our entire health care system.

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Strengthening Primary Health Care in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is working to strengthen its primary health care system to better serve the needs of patients and communities. This process builds on current successes, adopts best practices from other jurisdictions, and engages patients, community leaders, providers, and administrators in developing better everyday health care services. The strengthening of primary health care represents a fundamental shift in how our health system works. By transforming the way the system operates today, we can ensure quality services are there when we need them tomorrow.

Our vision is a primary health care system that is sustainable, offers a superior patient experience and results in a healthy Saskatchewan population. The strengthened primary health care system will provide a new foundation for health care in this province. It will ensure that everyone has access to a team that meets his or her unique health care needs.

Patient-Centred, Community Designed, Team Delivered - Saskatchewan's new framework for primary health care - lays the foundation for a system that will be characterized by continuous improvement and innovation.

What's New

New Collaborative Emergency Centre Opens in Shaunavon
Residents in Shaunavon and surrounding areas will benefit from improved stability and access to health care services through the new Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC). The CEC is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides extended hours of primary health care and 24/7 emergency care. Learn more.

Chronic Disease Management - Quality Improvement Program (CDM -QIP) 
This new program will help ensure the best possible care for patients living with a chronic disease, by supporting physicians and health care providers in delivering quality primary health care according to best practices. The program is a partnership between the Ministry of Health, eHealth Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Medical Association. Learn more.

Practioner Profiles 
One of the foundations of the new approach to primary health care is that everyone in Saskatchewan has an identifiable primary health care team they can access in a convenient and timely manner. To help patients better understand the members of their team and their responsibilities, a series of practitioner profiles are now available. The profiles provide basic information about what they do as a member of a health care team. Primary Health Care Provider Profiles.

Patient Experience Survey Toolkit and Surveys  
The new Patient Experience Survey Toolkit and Surveys are now available on the Health Quality Council website. Learn more.

Innovation Sites  
Innovation sites across the province are testing new models of service delivery using patient and community input and Lean methods to build services that best meet the needs of their patients, families and communities. Lessons learned from testing models will be shared across the province to help design models that work for their area. Learn more about the sites.

Success Stories
There are many examples of providers, regions and communities working together to improve care for patients. Get inspired here.


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