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         Sunday, March 29, 2015
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This report, published annually by Saskatchewan Health, is a count of all persons who held Saskatchewan health coverage on June 30th.

The Covered Population is not a census since it only counts persons who are registered for provincial health coverage and not every person who may have been a resident in Saskatchewan on June 30th.

Information on 2014 and previous years available in several formats suitable for researchers, viewing and printing.

PDF files from 2002 to 2013.

All residents of Saskatchewan are included except:

  • members of the Canadian Forces and inmates of federal prisons, all of whom are covered by the federal government; and
  • people not yet meeting the residency requirement (coverage begins on the first day of the third calendar month following their move to Saskatchewan). Saskatchewan residents moving elsewhere remain eligible for coverage for the same period, and anyone whose coverage extends through June (i.e. who left the province April 1st or later) is included in the report. In the case of death, people who had coverage any time in June are included.
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