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       Thursday, April 02, 2015
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The goals and objectives of the Pharmaceutical Information Program were developed in consultation with medical practitioners and pharmacists.

Your personal health information is confidential and only authorized health care professionals involved in your care will access it.

The prescription review program panel of drugs by generic name

Government's commitment to protecting the privacy of health information.  

How your personal information is protected.

What is the Pharmaceutical Information Program?

The Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP) will improve the health of Saskatchewan residents, by providing authorized health care professionals (e.g. pharmacists and physicians) with confidential access to patient medication records. Having access to quality information about their patients will help Saskatchewan health care professionals offer the highest quality of care.

Prior to the introduction of PIP, there was no centralized, complete source of prescription records for health care providers to use when making decisions about a patient’s drug therapy. PIP will ensure that individuals and their health care providers have the information needed to make the best decisions about their health care.

The Pharmaceutical Information Program is a major step forward in enhancing patient safety. The program will help prescribers select the best medication to avoid drug interactions and duplications of therapy, including prescription drug abuse. PIP will also help health professionals sort through the numerous medications a person may be taking when treating medical conditions, or where several prescribers are involved in a patient’s care.

PIP is part of a wider government strategy to create an electronic health record.

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