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      Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Personal care homes are privately owned and operated and licensed and monitored by the Ministry of Health. Personal Care Homes must operate in accordance with:

Guide for clients and families who are choosing a personal care home.

Levels of care

The type of care provided in personal care homes varies from home to home. While personal care homes usually accommodate individuals with lighter care needs, some personal care homes do provide care to persons with heavier care needs (such as palliative care).

In either case, the personal care home is responsible to provide safe and adequate care to each resident in the home. This includes accessing the services of a health care professional (such as nurses and doctors) when required.

It is important to check with the specific personal care home licensee to find out what type of care they can provide to residents in their home, and what kind of training the staff have to provide the care.

Licensing and regulations

A home must be licensed as a personal care home if it provides accommodation, meals and assistance or supervision with activities of daily living to an adult aged 18 and older who is not a relative. Facilities licensed under other forms of legislation do not have to be licensed under The Personal Care Homes Act.

Personal care homes may care for one resident or for many residents. The personal care home licensee sets this fee and the resident pays the full cost of their own care.

People do not have to demonstrate need to be admitted to a personal care home, but rather are admitted because the resident chooses that service option.

More information

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns about a personal care home, contact the Ministry of Health at (306) 787-1715 in Regina.

If you wish to express a concern about a specific personal care home, please read, complete and submit your concern on the complaint/concern reporting form (see Related Documents, below).

Personal Care Home Benefit

The Personal Care Home Benefit is managed by the Ministry of Social Services. For more information about this benefit, please click on the image below.

Personal Care Home Benefit

Related Documents

Note: The information on this listing is accurate and current at the time of posting. New amendments may not be captured as terms and conditions of PCHs change. The best source of updated information will come directly from the PCH or the Ministry of Health (306) 787-1715.

LHPCH2004.pdf  ( 404.5 KB )

For registering complaints about the practices at a personal care home.

A guide for nursing professionals and personal care home licensees (28 pages - February 2011).

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