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       Thursday, March 26, 2015
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The Commissioner's Report was released on October 15. The report and accompanying documents, can be downloaded here.

Some printed copies of the report are available:  contact the Ministry of Health at (306) 787-0146.

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Report from the Patient First Review Commissioner, with recommendations for transformational change in the Saskatchewan health system.

Report on the patient experience component of the Patient First Review, by KPMG.

Report on the administrative component of the Saskatchewan Patient First Review, by Deloitte.

The recommendations of the Patient First Review Commissioner, excerpted from the commissioner's report.

A child's experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

A woman's wait for hip surgery. One of three case studies, to help understand impediments to and opportunities for patient-centred care.

A Métis man living with chronic health conditions.

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Report by KPMG on research methods, findings and recommendations. Also titled The Need for More Effective Patient- and Family-centred Care.

Anonymized results of the thousands of workbooks submitted for the patient experience component of the Patient First Review.

Consolidated results of the province-wide survey of Saskatchewan residents, gauging support for changes suggested during the patient experience portion of the Patient First Review.

Quotes attributed to anonymous participants in the patient experience research of the Patient First Review.

patient-quote-bank.pdf  ( 947.3 KB )
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Research, findings and recommendations on creating a more patient-centred health system and improving the performance, efficiency and cohesiveness of the organizations and individuals who make up the health system.

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