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      Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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The Ministry of Health supports family- and patient-centred care through these divisions:

The leaders of the Ministry's divisions report to Acting Deputy Minister Max Hendricks, as do leaders of these branches and this team:
> Communications Branch 
> Strategy and Innovation Branch

Tracey Smith, Acting Assistant Deputy Minister is responsible for Corporate Services.

> Financial Services Branch
> Risk and Relationship Management Branch
> Workforce Planning
> Capital Asset Planning 

Medical Services and the Surgical/Acute Line is headed by Acting Assistant Deputy Minister Mark Wyatt.

> Acute and Emergency Services Branch
> Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch
> Medical Services Branch
> Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative 
> Patient Safety Unit
> Emergency Department Wait Time Project

Mental Health and Community Services is headed by Assistant Deputy Minister Sharon Lee Smith.

> Community Care Branch
> Population Health Branch
> Primary Health Services
> Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory 

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