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         Monday, March 30, 2015

Better - Lean logoThis one-stop Lean website shares the story of how Lean is being used to make health care better and safer in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Healthcare Management System

Lean is a patient-first approach that puts the needs and values of patients and families at the forefront and uses proven methods to continuously improve the health system. It is unique in that it engages and empowers employees to generate and implement innovative solutions, and to fundamentally improve the patient experience on an ongoing basis.

Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada to apply Lean across the entire health care system, putting patients and families first by focusing on better health, better care, better value, and better teams.

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The Ministry of Health has a contract with consultant John Black and Associates to further embed Lean practices province-wide. More than 700 Lean projects have been launched in Saskatchewan's health system. Early results are promising and show these efforts to be improving patient experience and outcomes, enhancing staff morale and engagement, increasing system productivity, and freeing-up provider time for patient care and improved service delivery.  More than 1,000 quality improvement projects will occur across the health system. 

For detailed information about the Saskatchewan Healthcare Management System, visit the Health Quality Council (HQC) website. The HQC is responsible for managing the operations of Lean province-wide.

Saskatchewan's Lean newsletter: Putting Patients First: Transforming Health Care


Learn firsthand about how Lean is being applied in Saskatchewan health care settings.

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