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       Thursday, March 26, 2015
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The Food Safety program works to reduce the risk of the public contracting a food-borne illness. Through public health inspectors, the health regions monitor food facilities and milk plants, investigate complaints and disease outbreaks, and conduct safe food handling training.

Population Health Branch supports these food safety programs by:

  • leading the development of food safety regulations and guidelines
  • providing program advice
  • maintaining print inventories
  • facilitating interagency discussions
  • maintain Online Restaurant Inspection Information  
  • assisting with program reviews.

   Mechanically Tenderized Meat
   Information for Canadians on cooking mechanically tenderized beef.

FIORP 2010 is the technical and operational protocol that guides how FPT public health and food safety authorities manage national or international food-borne illness outbreaks.

This online service provides the public with public health inspection summary information of approximately 5,000 restaurants in Saskatchewan.

For up to date information on recent food recalls and allergy alerts visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

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