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         Sunday, March 29, 2015
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A range of health benefits is available for low-income working families who meet the standards of an income test or are receiving the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement or the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Supplement. Eligibility for these benefits is determined by the Ministry of Social Services.

Health benefits for low income families are offered through the Family Health Benefits program and help families pay for several children's health services, plus some services for adult family members.

Services and Benefits

Children are covered for:

  • Most dental services;
  • Eye examinations once a year; basic eyeglasses;
  • Emergency ambulance;
  • Basic medical supplies (some items require prior approval);
  • Up to 12 chiropractic services per year; and
  • Prescription drugs in the Saskatchewan Formulary.

Parents or legal guardians are covered for up to 12 chiropractic services per year, an eye examination every two years, drug coverage with $100 semi-annual family deductible and 35 per cent consumer co-payment thereafter.

Parents/legal guardians may apply for additional coverage under the Drug Plan Special Support program.

The Family Health Benefits program was launched in July 1998 as part of a restructuring of income support systems coinciding with the introduction of the federal National Child Benefit.

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