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       Friday, October 31, 2014
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All wait times are measured in days. Level 1 (emergent) cases are done within 24 hours of referral and are not included below.

Wait times as of December 31, 2013

Wait times include all inpatient and outpatient procedures for patients aged 18 and over. Follow-up scans are not included.

Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region reports MRI wait times in 50th percentile (median) and 90th percentile (90% of exams completed within that number of days).

Saskatoon Health Region reports average wait times, as it is currently unable to provide wait times at the 50th and 90th percentiles.

 MRI Wait Times (Days)


Level 2 wait time

Level 3 wait time

Level 4 wait time





50% Completed (median)




 90% Completed








Average Wait Time 




Target Wait Time

 Within 7 days

 Within 30 days

 Within 90 days

Wait times are not available for a mobile MRI operated by Alberta Health Services that visits Lloydminster one week in every five.

Urgency Classifications

Saskatchewan uses urgency classifications to ensure that patients who need an MRI exam receive it in a timely manner. The more urgent your exam, the sooner you will receive it. Likewise, if your exam is considered non-urgent, you may wait longer depending on the number of other exams that are of a more urgent nature.

There are 4 urgency levels, each with a wait time target for when the exam should be conducted.  They are:

Level 1- Emergency:  Targeted wait time: within 24 hours
Example: Traumatic spinal cord injuries and brain hemorrhage

Level 2- Urgent:  Targeted wait time: 2 - 7 days
Example: Suspected brain lesions and chest tumours

Level 3- Semi-Urgent:  Targeted wait time: 8 - 30 days
Example: Spine lesions and  congenital heart disease

Level 4- Non-Urgent:  Targeted wait time: 31 - 90 days
Example: Chronic joint pain and investigation of dementia

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MRI creates cross sectional images (slices) of the interior of the body using a magnetic field and a radio frequency field without the use of x-rays. MRI has broad applications but is especially useful in the brain, spine, and the bones and muscles of the limbs.

Concerned about how long you may have to wait to get your exam? These pages will provide you with wait times for CT, MRI and BMD tests.

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