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      Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Children and youth mental health services work to meet the mental health needs of children and youth in Saskatchewan. Services are available to children and youth with serious and persistent mental health disorders, with less severe mental health and behavioural challenges, and those who are at risk of developing mental health and behavioural problems.

Services provided through health region mental health clinics and services across the province include:

  • Intake/Screening/Referral
  • Assessment 
    • General
    • Psychological
    • Psychiatric
    • Forensic
  • Treatment/Intervention
    • Individual
    • Family
    • Group
    • Psychopharmacological
    • Forensic
  • Case Consultation
  • Program Consultation
  • Education/Training

(Not all services are available in every region) 

A number of community-based organizations that receive funding from their respective health regions also provide some related services for children and youth. They include Rainbow Youth Services (Regina), Autism Resource Centre (Regina) and Autism Services (Saskatoon).

RHA contact list and phone numbers.

PDF map, best printed on legal size paper, 8.5 x 14.

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