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         Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Binge Drinking Ad 1

Binge Drinking Ad 1

A campaign aimed at young adults 19-29 years old raises awareness of the risks and consequences associated with excessive drinking. The campaign, which includes television advertising, promotes the responsible use of alcohol, the most abused substance in Saskatchewan.

The research-based campaign is part of a larger effort to modify alcohol drinking habits in the province.

Violence, alcohol poisoning, poor school or work performance, unplanned and unwanted sexual experiences, and sexually transmitted diseases are some of the risks that can result from someone drinking too much.

According to the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse, alcohol costs Saskatchewan more than $500 million in annual lost productivity, absenteeism and disability.

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To view the ads, visit the Phoenix Group website, select "What we do", then select "T.V." Click on "SaskHealth" to view the awareness-raising ads.

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