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    Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Practicing inside the plan

Your physician will submit your bill to Saskatchewan Health. A physician, optometrist or dentist should not charge you in any amount in addition to the amount Saskatchewan Health pays for a fully covered service.

Practicing entirely outside the plan

Physicians, optometrists or dentists may practice entirely outside the Medical Services Plan if:

  • They practice entirely outside the plan for all patients and all services;
  • They tell the patient beforehand that the service is not insured and the patient agrees to pay the bill;
  • People still have a choice of seeing practitioners who practice within the plan

Verification of accounts

Saskatchewan Health periodically checks with patients to ensure we have correctly paid for insured services. This check is not meant to criticize the physician or patient - it is done to maintain an efficiently run public program. If we send you a verification form, please complete and return it if, in your opinion, the services Saskatchewan Health paid for do not agree with the services you received.

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